Abrams & Bayliss is only interested in hiring, retaining and promoting stellar professionals who share our philosophy and work ethic, who can excel in a focused and challenging practice, and who will work together in a collegial manner with a small number of similarly committed individuals.


Our firm’s practice model rests on the expectation that all our attorneys will quickly gain substantial litigation and transactional experience and make significant contributions to the firm’s practice. Our goal is for all our attorneys to enjoy their professional life, have time for their families and personal interests, and earn a very rewarding income.


Our philosophy is to maintain associate base compensation at a level that meets or exceeds the base compensation for associates working in New York at leading firms.  We also provide generous mid-year and annual bonuses based on overall firm profitability.  Bonuses paid to well performing associates exceed the benchmarks set by the leading New York law firms, are not class-based, and result from a merits related assessment that compensates each associate based on his or her performance.  Since the cost of living in the Firm’s location is approximately 50% of the cost of living in New York, the Firm’s compensation practices are extremely rewarding for all attorneys.  Associates joining the firm after a judicial clerkship will receive a competitive bonus that matches or exceeds the prevailing market clerkship bonus.

Paralegals and other Professionals

We believe that paralegals and other professionals are a key part of our practice team. We strive to avoid the traditional law firm caste system that relegates paralegals and other professionals to a less valued role. Our paralegals and professionals are expected to be able to accomplish tasks independently using their judgment and experience. As with our attorneys, our goal is for our professional staff to enjoy a challenging work experience, have time for their families and personal interests, and earn a rewarding income.

If you are interested in exploring potential employment and a successful future with A&B, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Megan Henry.